KYC Analysis: New Ohio Report Card, Same Results

Ohio’s latest report cards were released last week. When coupled with the Ohio Charter School Accountability Project’s (OCSAP) financial data received from the Ohio Department of Education, one thing remains clear: Ohio charter schools continue to receive hundreds of millions of tax dollars originally meant for children in local public schools that overall perform far better on state performance measures than the charter schools.

Here are some highlights from our latest analysis:
  • Of the $935 million transferred last school year from Ohio’s public school districts to Ohio’s charter schools, $553 million came from districts that performed the same or better overall on the state report card than the charter that received the money.
  • Only $12 million went to charter schools that outperformed all the districts from which the schools received money and students.
  • Local school districts had to subsidize state funding losses to Ohio charter schools by $222.1 million last school year

These results mirror previous examinations.

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