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Ashley, Cleveland

I made the decision to enroll my kindergartner in ECOT. I was somewhat hesitant since I had no idea what to expect. But I thought it would be the best option for my son. The first few weeks were stressful. I know very little about technology and I was worried that he may not do well with the computer and the mouse. He completely proved me wrong. He has done extremely well with ECOT. His teacher is phenomenal. He has learned to read and he is doing so well with addition and subtraction. I love that they have one on one time multiple times a week. She is very easy to get in contact with if we have a question. I have not one single regret about enrolling him. They offer lots of opportunities for social time as well. I love ECOT, but I have to say that I don’t believe that every student would do well there. Parents have to be just as involved as the student. They both have to be focused on education. If a parent is too busy to sit with their child or to drop everything to help them, then ECOTĀ is not for them. But for us it works wonders and I couldn’t be happier.